See me as an engine of growth!

madisharma.jpgI have a seat on the bus.
Now I want a seat on the policy making table.

I use my car to take the kids to school, go to work and do the shopping.
Now I want to be involved in the planning of my journeys too.

You see me as a fee paying passenger on planes and trains.
Now see me as a decision maker with concrete contributions.

I have the keys to my jaguar.
I want to have the right to have the keys to a lorry also if I choose.

I work the same hours as my male counterpart.
I want the same terms: the same pay, clean toilets and a safe working environment.

You tell your sons to fly fighter planes and you tell your daughters to play with pink Barbie dolls.
But I want to have the opportunity to design the next Airbus or the next Aston Martin.
You see me as a worker and as a women.
Now see me as an engine of growth for the European Union.

The European Economic and Social committee produced an opinion with three concrete recommendations :

  • Ensure the visibility of women in policy and decision making, including in planning
  • Ensure both genders are engaged in creating a better working environment for both men and women in all sectors of transport
  • Collect relevant data, identify indicators and deconstruct barriers.

We can do it – if we work together!

It is a false economy if it is a male dominated or male centric one.  Women have their role to play too in the innovative, exciting and challenging Transport sector, as Commissioner Bulc demonstrates.

Ghandi says: “You must be the change you want to see.”
Madi says: “You must be the change you want to see – No Excuses!”

Speech by Madi Sharma, Women in Transport conference, Brussels, April 21, 2016